Address: 664520 Russia, Irkutsk region, Listvyanka, Kulikov str. 1

Phone number: +7 (914) 938-73-44

Tour duration: 5 days / 4 nights

Season: from June to September

Price: €625 or $715 per person

Your great vacation ever on the most unique lake of our planet. In this tour, we offer to mix a comfortable rest in a hotel with a tent rest on the shore of the lake Baikal. You will see the beauty of the unique lake Baikal and feel its energy. Crystal-clear air, clear water of the lake, wooden architecture, sitting by the fire on the shore of the lake Baikal. You will feel the powerful energy of the lake Baikal, strong emotions, and pleasant atmosphere for five days of your travelling.

We create 2 variants of the program for you:

Irkutsk-Taltsy (Museum) – Listvyanka (village on Baikal) – Small Sea. Baikal (Strait between Olkhon island and the mainland) – Irkutsk

Irkutsk – Taltsy (Museum) – Listvyanka (a village on lake Baikal) and Barguzin. Baikal (the Barguzin nature reserve. Republic of Buryatia) – Irkutsk

Both variants are amazing.

Price: €625 or $715 per person (accommodation + meals + transfers + excursions).

The price includes:

– all transfers
– hotel accommodation
all entrance fees and excursions according to the program;
– meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner;
– tents, sleeping bags, carymats (all travel accessories)

You will visit and see: Irkutsk (Center of Eastern Siberia); Museum of Taltsy (Museum of wooden architecture in the open air); Listvyanka (tourist village on the shore of lake Baikal); Baikal Museum (origin of the lake Baikal, large aquariums with various Baikal fish, aquarium with seals); Observation deck «Stone of Chersky»; place of power Olkhon island, the place of power of the Holy nose. Wild nature of the lake Baikal, camping on the shore of the lake Baikal.

Tour program

Day 1 (Irkutsk-Listvyanka)

Meeting at the airport of Irkutsk.  Acquaintance with the guide and transfer to Listvyanka.  To know Siberia better we will visit the Museum “Taltsy” It is not just a Museum – it is a small village with buildings of the 18th century. We will go to the old tavern, where you will have a delicious lunch with hot pancakes with sour cream and honey, aromatic herbal tea! After the walking and photos we will go to Listvyanka. The village of Listvyanka is located at 70 km from Irkutsk. In Listvyanka check into the guest house, which is just 60 meters from the lake Baikal. Here you will rest after the journey. In the evening you will have a delicious dinner.

  • Hotel in Listvyanka. Lake Baikal.
    [:ru]Гостиница в Листвянке. Байкал.[:en]Hotel in Listvyanka. Lake Baikal.[:de]Hotel in Listwjanka. Baikal[:]

Day 2 (Listvyanka)

After Breakfast, we invite you to visit the Baikal Museum with various exhibits of flora and fauna. You will see 11 large volume aquariums with the inhabitants of the lake. See the living world of the lake Baikal with a microscope. Take a virtual dive to the bottom of the lake Baikal. Web cameras will show several different places with the inhabitants of the lake Baikal.

  • Aquariums with the inhabitants of the lake. The Baikal Museum. Listvyanka. Baikal.
    [:ru]Аквариумы с обитателями озера. Байкальский музей. Листвянка. Байкал.[:en]Aquariums with the inhabitants of the lake. The Baikal Museum. Listvyanka. Baikal.[:de]Aquarien mit den Baikalbewohnern. Baikalmuseum. Listwjanka. Baikal[:]

Then we will go up on the chair lift to the observation deck «Stone Chersky» to take photos on a height of 1800 meters above the level of the lake Baikal  and see the lake, the Angara river, the top of the Khamar-Daban ridge. You will see the widest source of the river in Russia-the source of the Angara river, which does not freeze even in winter. Another mouth of the river is called the «Gates of lake Baikal».

  • Chersky Stone viewpoint. Listvyanka. Baikal
    [:ru]Камень Черского. Листвянка. Байкал[:en]Chersky Stone viewpoint. Listvyanka. Baikal[:de]Tscherskistein. Listwjanka. Baikal.[:]

For lunch you will have juicy and delicious Buryat poses (buuz) in a real Buryat Yurt.

  • Buryat cuisine. Buryat poses (buuz) in a real Buryat Yurt. Listvyanka. Baikal.
    [:ru]Бурятская кухня. Бурятские позы (буузы) в настоящей Бурятской юрте.[:en]Buryat cuisine. Buryat poses (buuz) in a real Buryat Yurt. Listvyanka. Baikal.[:de]Burjatische Küche. Burjatische Spezialität – "Buusen" in der burjatischen Jurte.[:]

Next, we will visit the «Retro Park» – bizarre and artistic metal products and unnecessary stuff in the original form.

  • Retro Park. Listvyanka. Baikal.
    [:ru]Ретропарк. Листвянка. Байкал.[:en]Retro Park. Listvyanka. Baikal.[:de]Retropark. Listwjanka. Baikal[:]

Art gallery, Museum of gems, St. Nicholas Church-all these places are not far from your accommodation in Listvyanka. We finish our second day at Baikal with a delicious dinner.

Day 3 ( Listvyanka-Small sea or Listvyanka-Barguzin )

Early in the morning, after Breakfast, we will go to choose either the Small sea or Barguzin. It will take us for  5-7 hours. We will move on four-wheel drive pickups. During our trip you will see the vast Siberian expanses along the edge of the lake Baikal. We will stop at places of worship of the Holy spirits. We will see spectacular views of the lake Baikal. Feel the harmony of the sacred Lake. Lunch. Upon arrival, we set up a camp on the shore of the lake Baikal. Cook a delicious dinner in the fresh air.

Day 4 (Small Sea or Barguzin to choose)

Today you will feel all the energy and power of the lake Baikal.

If we go to the Small sea:

we will visit the heart of Baikal – Olkhon island. You will be able to take great pictures of the island. Perhaps the most recognizable creation of Baikal-shaman rock on the island of Olkhon, will introduce you to the local shamanism. Admiring the beauty, we will tie ribbons on the pillars of “Serge” for the fulfillment of desires. Next, we have an excursion to Cape Khoboy (the Northern tip of the island of Olkhon). Cape Khoboy is one of the most beautiful places in Baikal. This place of power. And we’re going there. Along the way, we will make a few stops to take wonderful pictures of the Baikal expanses.

  • Olkhon Island. Shaman Rock (Cape Burkhan). Baikal
    [:ru]Остров Ольхон. Скала Шаманка (Мыс Бурхан). Байкал[:en]Olkhon Island. Shaman Rock (Cape Burkhan). Baikal[:de]Insel Olchon. Schamanenfelsen (Cape Burkhan). Baikal[:]

If we go to Barguzin:

We will visit the place of power – the Saint nose Cape, we will visit the sandy beaches of the Barguzinsky and Chivyrkuisky bays. Swim in the warm and clear waters of these bays. We will visit the thermal springs.


  • Barguzin Bay. Lake Baikal
    [:ru]Баргузинский залив[:en]Barguzin Bay. Lake Baikal[:de]Sandstrände der Barguzin- und Tschiverkuiskibuchten. Baikal[:]

Day 5 ( Small sea-Irkutsk or Barguzin-Irkutsk )

Come back home. Today Baikal adventures come to the end and you should say goodbye to Siberia. We hope that you will have enough emotions and impressions for a long time. Transfer to Irkutsk. See you on the lake.

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