Address: 664520 Russia, Irkutsk region, Listvyanka, Kulikov str. 1

Phone number: +7 (914) 938-73-44

Tour duration: 5 hours

Season: from June to September

Price: €25 or $29 per person

Viber, WhatsApp: +7 (914) 938-73-44

One-day tour of the tourist capital of the lake Baikal. Listvyanka is a small village stretching along the narrow edge of the shore. From the village diverge hundreds of sightseeing routes on the lake Baikal. In one day we will visit many interesting places located in Listvyanka: Baikal Museum, amazing observation deck, St. Nicholas Church, lunch – Buryat national cuisine, fish market.


The price includes: entrance tickets (Museum, lift to the observation deck), transfer, and guide services. The price does not include: the cost of lunch. A good lunch in a Buryat Yurt is about 350 rubles.

Tour program:

1. You will visit the only Museum of the lake Baikal, one of the dozen museums of lakes in the world. Here you will see  the Baikal seal and the famous gammarus, purifying the Baikal water, and also you will be surprised by the size, of  the omul and sturgeon. You will make a virtual dive on the bathyscaphe and see the bottom of the lake Baikal at the extreme depth.

2. Next the rise to the observation deck with a gorgeous panoramic view of the only source of the lake Baikal – a place where the only river flows from the lake Baikal – beautiful Angara. Ascent by funicular (more than 800 m) to Chersky peak: beautiful view of the southern part of the lake Baikal, port Baikal and Circum-Baikal railway, Angara River, Shaman-Stone, and the surrounding area.

3. Lunch in a real Buryat Yurt. National Buryat cuisine: tasty and juicy postures (buuz), a hearty sharbin (pita with meat) and many more.

4. Next you will visit St. Nicholas Church

5. Visit to the market «Gifts of the lake Baikal». Here you can buy Souvenirs of Baikal and eat delicious fish.

If you want to book a tour or ask a question, please contact us:

Viber, WhatsApp +7 (914) 938-73-44.

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