Address: 664520 Russia, Irkutsk region, Listvyanka, Gor,kogo str.

Phone number: +7 (914) 04-45-98

Tour duration: 5 days / 4 nights

Season: from February to March

Price: €815 or $930 per person

Viber, WhatsApp: +7 (914) 938-73-44

We offer you a fascinating tour on the ice of Baikal. To move on the ice, we will use a special Hovercraft (Khivus). Hovercraft can move on the ice and on the water, which makes it safe to travel on the ice expanses of the lake Baikal.

Tour itinerary:

Irkutsk — Listvyanka (a village on lake Baikal) — Olkhon island (up to Olkhon island on the ice) is a Cape Khoboy (up to Cape Khoboy on the ice) — Ust-Orda – Irkutsk

Price: €815 or $930 per person (accommodation + meals + transfers + excursions).

The price includes:

– all transfers;

– hotel accommodation;

– all entrance tickets and excursions according to the program;

– transition on ice by Hovercraft (Khivus) from Listvyanka to Olkhon island;

– meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner;

Tour program

Day 1 ( Irkutsk – Listvyanka )

Arrival in Irkutsk by plane or train, meeting with our guide. Today we will have a trip to the lake Baikal in the village of Listvyanka (the road takes 1 hour, 70 km). Arrival in Listvyanka, stop at the observation deck opposite the Shaman Stone. Next, we will stay at a hotel on the shore of the lake Baikal (standard double room).

  • Hotel in Listvyanka. Lake Baikal.
    [:ru]Гостиница в Листвянке. Байкал.[:en]Hotel in Listvyanka. Lake Baikal.[:de]Hotel in Listwjanka. Baikal[:]

Lunch in a real Buryat Yurt (Buryat national cuisine). Here you will try juicy Buryat poses (buuz).

  • Buryat cuisine. Buryat poses (buuz) in a real Buryat Yurt. Listvyanka. Baikal.
    [:ru]Бурятская кухня. Бурятские позы (буузы) в настоящей Бурятской юрте.[:en]Buryat cuisine. Buryat poses (buuz) in a real Buryat Yurt. Listvyanka. Baikal.[:de]Burjatische Küche. Burjatische Spezialität – "Buusen" in der burjatischen Jurte.[:]

After lunch, we will visit the Baikal Museum, where you will see all the inhabitants of the Baikal depths, including the Baikal seal.

  • Aquariums with the inhabitants of the lake. The Baikal Museum. Listvyanka. Baikal.
    [:ru]Аквариумы с обитателями озера. Байкальский музей. Листвянка. Байкал.[:en]Aquariums with the inhabitants of the lake. The Baikal Museum. Listvyanka. Baikal.[:de]Aquarien mit den Baikalbewohnern. Baikalmuseum. Listwjanka. Baikal[:]

After visiting the Museum we will go up to the observation platform of the Chersky stone. The ascent and descent is carried out on a chair lift.

  • Chersky Stone viewpoint. Listvyanka. Baikal
    [:ru]Камень Черского. Листвянка. Байкал[:en]Chersky Stone viewpoint. Listvyanka. Baikal[:de]Tscherskistein. Listwjanka. Baikal[:]

Then take a walk through the village, visit the Svyato-Nikolskaya Church, have a look at the local market, where you can buy Souvenirs and the Baikal fish. Dinner.

Day 2 ( Listvyanka – Olkhon )

After Breakfast, we will have an unusual journey on the ice of the lake Baikal from Listvyanka to Olkhon island. The length of the lake is 636 km, and about half of them you will pass by Khivus – a hovercraft.

  • Hovercraft on Baikal
    [:ru]Судно на воздушной подушке Хивус на Байкале[:en]Hovercraft on Baikal[:de]Mit dem Luftkissenschiff über das Baikalsee[:]

On the way we will make a few stops to explore the shores of the lake Baikal from the ice, a delicious lunch on the ice of the lake Baikal. During the 8-hour transition by Khivus you will visit one of the most picturesque places of the lake Baikal – Sandy Bay. Sandy Bay is considered to be a natural monument of the lake Baikal, located 80 km from the village of Listvyanka. Sandy Bay is a quite famous place on the lake Baikal, it is remarkable for its stilts, the number of Sunny days and the beauty of the scenery. This is the only place on the lake Baikal where the average annual temperature is positive (0.4 C°). After a stop at the Sandy Bay you will visit the Rock Sagan-Zaba, known for its rock paintings. Sagan-Zaba translated from the Buryat language means White Rock. Petroglyphs on the cliff of Sagan-Zaba are the largest galleries of rock paintings on the lake, they were opened in 1881. Then, you will make a stop at the Small Sea to visit the beautiful island Ogoy. In 2005, a Buddhist stupa was built on the island of Ogoy, which is also called the Stupa of Enlightenment and Conquest of demons. A statue of Dakini Troma Nagmo was placed inside of stupa, which in Tibetan Buddhism is considered to be the mother of all Buddhas. And other Buddhist relics were also put there. It is believed that the wish made here will come true by all means.

Arrival to Olkhon in the evening, transfer to the hotel, accommodation in a standard double room.

  • Hotel on Olkhon island. Khuzhir. Baikal.
    [:ru]Гостиница на острове Ольхон. Хужир. Байкал[:en]Hotel on Olkhon island. Khuzhir. Baikal.[:de]Hotel in Chuzhir. Insel Olchon. Baikal[:]

Rest and free time. Dinner tonight.

Day 3 ( Olkhon – Cape Khoboy )

After breakfast excursion by car UAZ to the Northern part of the island – Cape Khoboy. In winter, the road to the Cape runs along the ice along the West Bank of Olkhon. Along the way, we will make a few stops to take wonderful photos of the Baikal ice.

  • Olkhon Island. Shaman Rock (Cape Burkhan). Lake Baikal. Winter.
    [:ru]Остров Ольхон. Скала Шаманка (Мыс Бурхан). Байкал. Зима.[:en]Olkhon Island. Shaman Rock (Cape Burkhan). Lake Baikal. Winter.[:de]Insel Olchon. Schamanenfelsen (Cape Burkhan). Baikal. Winter[:]
  • Cape Khoboy. Baikal Winter
    [:ru]Мыс Хобой. Байкал. Зима[:en]Cape Khoboy. Baikal Winter[:de]Kap Hoboi. Baikal. Winter[:]

A tour to the Cape Khoboy , then the picnic lunch in the fresh air. Today your driver will be your guide and chef. Guides and tourists in one voice say that no one will tell you better about all the sights of Olkhon than the drivers – the locals. And they are the best in cooking of Baikal fish.

After the tour we come back to the warm rooms of the hotel.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch

Day 4 ( Olkhon – Ust-Orda – Irkutsk)

Breakfast, departure from the island by car. In winter, the crossing from island to continent is carried out on the ice Strait Small sea, then the road lies on the mainland to the village of Ust-Orda. This is the territory of the Buryat Autonomous district. In Ust-Orda we will visit the Museum of local lore, colorfully telling about the past and modern life of the Buryats, meet with a shaman. In the ethno-complex Golden Horde in the restaurant will try during lunch Buryat national cuisine.

After the lunch we will continue our way and in 1.5 hours we will be in Irkutsk.

Hotel accommodation in double standard rooms;

Meals: Breakfast, lunch

Day 5 End of the tour

Breakfast, transfer to the airport or train station in Irkutsk.  Come back home. Today Baikal adventures come to the end and you should say goodbye to Siberia. We hope that you will have enough emotions and impressions for a long time! See you on the lake Baikal!

If you want to book a tour or ask a question, please contact us:

Viber, WhatsApp +7 (914) 938-73-44.


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